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, , , was the 3rd Minnesota Biennial exhibition at The Soap Factory in 2013. Curated by John Marks and David Petersen (co-directors of Art of This) , , , was an immersive and interdisciplinary exhibition comprises 38 artists whose work spans visual and sonic art, performance, writing and interactivity. , , , exhibition catalog includes two essays by artists Juana Berrío and Tony Sunder plus 22 artist interviews. exhibition page.

Artists include: Luke Aleckson, The Basketball Team, Broc Blegen, Allen Brewer and Pam Valfer, Adam Caillier, Kristina Estell, Katelyn Farstad, Emily Gastineau, Peter Happel Christian, Jess Hirsch, Andrew Mazorol and Tynan Kerr, Ben Moren and Daniel Dean, Michael Mott, Stefanie Motta, Scott Nedrelow, Jessica Ashley Nelson, Justin Newhall, Natasha Pestich, RO/LU, Andy Sturdevant, Nate Young

Paperback, 70 pages, full color.

Designed by Sara Fowler.